1. Not including water, what are the five most consumed drinks in the world.
  2. Which vegetable can be oyster, chestnut or shitaki?
  3. Which nation drinks the most beer?
  4. What type of pastry are profiteroles made from?
  5. Which one of the top ten wine producing country coined the word plonk?
  6. What is beef fillet cooked in puff pastry called?
  7. Which is the most popular gin sold in uk pubs?
  8. What vegetables are Pentland Crown or Maris Bard?
  9. Where is Tiger beer brewed?
  10. What is Roquefort cheese made from?
  11. Champagne is to France as Cava is to which country?
  12. What is pancetta?
  13. Which dutch brewers company’s 2018 ad stated that “‘lighter is better”?
  14. Which Northern brewery’s ad said “made in Manchester”
  15. Which type of pasta’s name means “little worms”?
  16. The Napa Valley, Russian River Valley and Rutherford Rutherford estate are all wine regions in which US state.
  17. What two berries are crossed to make a Tayberry?
  18. What brand of bottled beer is commonly served in Indian restaurants?
  19. What ingredient is included in food in a Florentine style?
  20. Which herb is in pesto sauce? 👨‍🎓🍻


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